My Argentinean Viewpoint

Argentina: Beauty of Beauties

A personal recollection. Photographs, April-May 2006

1 Buenos Aires

2 Patagonia

3 Iguazú Falls, Misiones

4 San Ignacio Ruins, Misiones

5 Jujuy


1. Oh my God... some of these pictures are breathtaking... you hail from a very beautiful and vibrant country. SDV.
2. Wonderful. MH.
3. Great photographs. Sweetlife
4. Should I comment in english now..? I have just looked at all your blogs. They are all excellent, I am SO happy you are posting all this, not only your wonderful art, but also the wonders of our "not known" beautiful country, and other great argentine artists too. Thanks so much. By the way, what great selection you made here..!!!! but you still need to post some of the "colonial" Argentine and those little towns that remained in the past, like Purmamarca and so many others in Jujuy, Salta.. Anxious...? Bet I am !!!! I am fascinated!!!! Thank you again, gab
5. These are amazing! Thanks you for sharing! SW.
6. They are real good love the autumn colours.
7. Thank you Mariano for inviting me to see your pictures. Your art is absolutely beautiful. Thanks again! Nitza
8. From one Akerman to another, what a fantastic set of pictures. Paul Akerman
9. Wow! Those photos are truly awesome. Meanderthalys
10. Gabriella, “An Argentine in Blogster!,” 12 November 2006 (http://gabriella.blogster.com/argentine_blogster_.html)
Gabriella: “ My friend Kuan (strider333), was the one who wrote me to let me know. Yes, and he is not just "any" blogger... I am proud and happy to know that my beloved country is being represented by somebody of his talent.
Mariano Akerman, is an artist in the whole meaning of the word. My words will run short if I try to describe his art. […] I just feel so happy that he his posting here (not to mention proud too. As an Argentine in a different country, I always feel that it is hard to transmit how Argentine looks like, its personality, its character. Not only of the people, the culture, but also of her beauty. I think I met here just a few people that "touched" Buenos Aires for one day, and left...
Buenos Aires is a more "European like" city, reminding Paris in some parts, but with all sorts of different neighborhoods each one with its own personality. It has an intense cultural movement, something that I miss here where I live... Mariano has posted photos (taken by him) not only of Buenos Aires (in one of his posts), but also of different provinces, towns and cities from the whole country, which is very large. He makes a very interesting mix of photos, paintings of himself and of other renown[ed] Argentine artists, which gives his "presentations" a unique flavor, intertwining also his own comments, and graphic classic comedians such as our most popular Quino.
He will take you from the Misiones Falls (north) to the Perito Glaciar Moreno (south), stopping in some other places in the middle of the country.
In his last post, you'll see an interesting display of his paintings with very interesting comments about them.
Welcome Mariano Akerman ! ”
Comments following her post: “that is awesome … [SMILE]” (luckystar); “[THUMBUP][THUMBUP] WONDERFUL” (mentalhealthrn); “I LOVED Buen[o]s Aires--especially the hours they keep! My kind of city--comes alive at night. And the people were really great with this North American who barely spoke their language. [+] Took a look at his photos--really nice work. [THUMBUP] [+] I read about ALL his presentations!” (greatmartin); “Checked his site.. looks great! [HEART]” (coincutter); “another one who checks his site [thumbs up]” (kevinhere); “He is amazing! [THUMBUP][THUMBUP]” (maggiemae).